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Building A Table for the Entire Neighborhood

Gentrification is the process when a previously disinvested area sees rapid changes due to renewed interest and investment. Since 2000, 20% of neighborhoods in major U.S. cities have been impacted by gentrification. While gentrification promises positive change, not everyone benefits: businesses and residents who have been in these neighborhoods the longest are often the first to lose.

Gentrification has and continues to destabilize hospitality businesses.

With the fast pace of gentrification, rent is likely to outpace profit margins; long-time, loyal customers may be forced to move further away, and big-box retailers begin to outpace independently-owned small businesses.

Food and beverage establishments are among the first to change in gentrifying communities and are a key “sign” for real estate developers to take over that area. This correlation between hospitality businesses and neighborhood change has created tensions between the industry and the community. But it doesn’t have to stay that way.

This toolkit of strategies and case studies offers hospitality owners and workers detailed guidance and industry support networks to operate with gentrification — and more importantly, their community — in mind.

Hospitality owners and workers have been ill-equipped to proactively address community concerns. By taking small steps to incorporate the community’s long-term interests with responsible business practices, we can ease those tensions and reimagine the role of hospitality businesses in our communities — all while improving the profitability and sustainability of our food, beverage, and hospitality industry as a whole.

🪜The Toolkits

<aside> 🥠 For Food, Beverage, Hospitality Business Owners

This toolkit is for folks with decision-making power within food, beverage, and hospitality businesses. We’ve organized businesses into 4 chronological stages, and listed tangible actions that can be taken at each stage.


<aside> ✍️ For Food & Beverage Media Professionals

This toolkit is for folks working within food & beverage media who oversee hospitality business coverage in some capacity. This includes a list of suggestions at an organizational level, as well as a checklist for reporters covering gentrifying areas.